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Deep cuts and a few bruises but G4 MMA still is going strong

Aston Clinton, Bucks (G4 MMA) 24 March 2013 G4 MMA Fighters made some deep cuts at the end of 2012 but those decisions are streamlining the success of the company for 2013.

Since hitting the UK MMA scene in July 2009, G4 MMA Fighters has been on a roller coster ride of highs and lows with impessive wins, cruel injuries and a couple of shock losses. G4 MMA started with one fighter Tim Newman and the roster grew exponentially recruiting a host of local Welsh talent which included former UCMMA & Shock n Awe FW Champion Nathan 'Neggy' Beer, Valley of Kings WW Champion Rus Smith, Judo & Muay Thai Black Belt Lewis Long and the always contraversial David Round.

While the fight team remained busy all year round, the UK MMA circuit is a tough place to make a living as a full time MMA Agent. So after 12 months G4 MMA founder Gary Cross returned to his roots of business consulting to supplement an income, which soon became full time working all over the UK – fitting the busy MMA schedule in where possible and attending fights most weekends and working deep into the night reviewing contracts and arranging fights.

When Bradley Scott reached The Ultimate Fighter 'Smashes' finale to secure a 3 year UFC contract in 2012, the administration increased immensely completing an array of disclosures, waivers and business contracts for the UFC. There were 9 fighters on the roster, in addition to working relationships with the Bulgarian MMA Federation as a source of extra fighters at the start of 2012.

Following a hugely busy year which included fights in Dubai and all over the UK, the decision was made to step back and analyse just where G4 MMA was heading and determine the effort required to facilitate the roster at that time. Tough measures were implemented in order to provide the fighters and promoters with a quality management service, which resulted in the release of Lew Long, Nathan Beer, Rus Smith and David Round. Subsequently the recruitment of new fighters to the fold is far more selective going forward.

The company moves forward with UFC Middleweight Bradley Scott, OMMAC LW Champion Tim Newman and OMMAC FW Contender Andrew Fisher all of which being top quality fighters with huge potential to go all the way in their chosen sport. After two and a half years its clear that MMA in the UK is still evolving but its still not mature enough to provide a full time income for domestic fighters or management at this point in time. Even with a UFC signed fighter the financial sponsorship remains elusive until Bradley chalks up a string of wins and reserves a regular spot on the UFC main card.

Since the cuts were made, Tim Newman has won impressive fights on Cage Warriors and OMMAC taking the OMMAC LW belt, and has two bouts in the diary against the European  veteran Ivan Buchinger (20-4) on Cage Warriors 54 at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on the 4 May, and his first OMMAC title defence on the 1 September against the ex Royal Marine and TUF competitor Martin Stapleton. Meanwhile Andrew Fisher faces the very tough Shay Walsh for the OMMAC FW belt on the 1 June, having dismissed Andy Green with some impressive ground & pound on BAMMA 10 in December 2012. Bradley Scott is currently nursing an infected leg which resulted in hospitalisation for the removal of an abscess which has delayed his return to the Octagon (which was scheduled for June) which has been put on hold until he goes through a strict physiotherapy and progresses to strength and conditioning and full contact sparring for wrestling, boxing and BJJ. He was scheduled to join the Tri Star team in February but was unable to make the trip  because of the injury. We wish Bradley a speedy recovery.

So there you have a summary of what's been happening at G4 MMA Fighters and a taste of what's lined up for he summer of 2013. If there are any companies that would like to sponsor Bradley, Tim and Andrew or G4 MMA Fighters, then please get in contact as soon as possible as everything helps the guys as they climb the MMA mountain.

Special thanks go to our existing sponsors Physicool, PAS Supplementation, JY Nutrition and Bluebeards Shaving company we appreciate everything you do for us. Respect also goes to the UFC for  their patience and empathy with Bradley and his injury, and to the UK promotions that provide top bouts for G4 MMA Fighters – Chris Zorba at OMMAC for title shots over the past two shows, Graham and Ian at Cage Warriors for supportingTim Newman (and Bradley Scott for his bout in Dubai last year), Jude Samuel at BAMMA, Dave O'Donnell at UCMMA and Brian Adams at Shock n Awe, plus the smaller promotions over the past couple of years.

Whether you're a fan, club, pro or amateur fighter, promoter, referee, media company or retailer in the  MMA industry I sincerely hope this is the year that delivers your goals and objectives…

Gary Cross

Founder G4 MMA Fighters Ltd

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